Lovely lace

Posted on: July 9, 2012

No not that type, we are talking lace front wigs! Beyoncé is rumoured to be a fan and if it’s good enough for her…..

From your average human hair lace to regular synthetic fibre or tongable, it has many guises. For those who like to splurge, the full virgin remy lace wigs are the cream-of-the-crop! Irrespective of its type, colour, length and style there are ways to wear your lace perfectly.

What exactly is a lace front wig?
A lace front wig is definitely NOT your Grandma’s church number! 

It is one of the newest innovation in the hair and beauty industry. Each strand of hair, be it Indian, Remy, human hair or synthetic is carefully hand tied to a custom made lace cap, to give you a completely undetectable hairline and multi-directional styling options. No longer will you be limited to wearing a fringe, or having to struggle to blend your natural hair in with your weave. Whether you are suffering from hair loss or just want increase your styling options, whilst giving your natural hair a much needed rest, a lace front wig is perfect for you!

How is this lace wig worn?
A lace wig can be worn using different technique, giving you different styling options. Some wearers choose to use adhesive; there are two types of adhesive that can be used in order to ensure that your wig is secure. The chosen method is simply a matter of preference. You can attach your lace front wig using either a liquid adhesive or a tape adhesive. You will be attaching the lace front wig to your skin, right below your hairline. So whether you use liquid adhesive or lace front tape, you need to make sure that the area is clean, free of oils and hairless or you will not achieve a good hold.

The disadvantage of applying this method is the loss of hairline if wrongly applied. Sleek make it their duty to ensure that weave lovers, are aware of the damage using adhesives to apply lace wigs may cause.

However, there is another method, which we highly recommend in order to protect your hairline and stimulate hair growth.

No Glue, No Tape – Simply remove the mesh so that the wig sits right on your hairline and go. Alternatively you can have the wig flat stitched so that it is firm and in place. Also ensure that your natural hair has been cornrowed flat, to ensure the wig sits correctly and looks natural.

What are the advantages of wearing a lace wig?
Lace wigs create an illusion that the wearer is wearing their natural hair. If you are attempting to grow your hair naturally, then wearing a lace wig can definitely help. Your natural hair won’t be exposed to the stress of letting it grow out on its own. The lace wig puts little pressure on the strands of your natural hair, compared to wearing regular wigs or weaves that require you to have your natural hair sewn in.
A full lace wig unit has invisible hairlines, so unlike regular wigs, lace wigs offer flexibility when it comes to styling options. You can even wear it in ponytail!

So we take it you are off to buy your Sleek lace front right now?!

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