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Aside from a few ‘questionable’ moments and some phone throwing incidents, Naomi Campbell has carved her place in fashion as a trailblazer and is still one of the few original Supermodels gracing our magazine covers today.

From bobs to bangs and from dark to blonde, Naomi manages to work every look -We love the classic young Miss Campbell pic! This collection of images looks back at some of her various styles. Which is your fave?

Three years ago, Michael Jackson, an entertainer whose career spanned five decades – and who experienced monolithic fame in that time – died. The death of Jackson just like with certain periods of his life caused a global media frenzy. The news spread quickly causing major sites to crash due to massive searches of the singer’s name.

Not only did he inspire a generation of musicians musically but he also inspired the industry of fashion from what he wore on his feet to his hairstyles. We take a look into his hair inspiration on other celebrities and let you know how you can achieve that all time ‘BAD’ MJ look.

To achieve the Michael Jackson Natural Look seen here on superstar singer Alicia Keys, we a recommend our Remi Touch Choice Toronto Weave which will give you that natural look and no-one will know it’s not yours!

To achieve the Michael Jackson Mohican Look why not try the Dubai Weave which will give you a stunning loose wave. If like Rihanna, you want to try a longer version, we love our Virgin Brazilian Hair.

To achieve The Michael Jackson Bob like Sister Janet and first lady Obama, we at recommend our new range Fashion idol 101 lace wig – Ellie. This tongable front and back lace wig is perfect for any occasion.

11 years on Aaliyah Dana Houghton still lives in our memories and although she’s gone she is not forgotten. This week on #ThrowbackThursday we pay tribute to the one in a million sensation, as we delve into her gorgeous hair file.

A pioneer of the time, Aaliyah was doing the Ombre look before it became the massive trend we know and love!

Looking back into the styles of our Aaliyah it’s clear that she loved the straight, sleek style, so to get the look try our Remi Touch Choice Yaki Straight available at any Afro-Caribbean Cosmetics Store.

RIP Aaliyah.

Serious and sophisticated
Our guess is that you would love to have long locks, right? Sleek, shiny well groomed hair would go perfectly with your personality. If you have short hair and are frustrated that it is taking a long time to grow out, why not try hair extensions? Our Remy Couture is a great choice – for the ultimate in quality.

Brave and Bold.
If you are fun and outgoing character full of energy, then a bold hair colour will definitely show off your personality and willingness to push style boundaries. You will love our Paris Weave, in a variety of blendable colours (left), or you may want to opt for our lace wig Fashion Idol 101 in an Ombre DML10 colour or be daring with colours 99j and 27. Just be you and show off the bold personality in you!

Pretty and professional
Work long hours and are constantly on the go, well we suggest having a hair style that’s easy to manage. Don’t forget  that even though you’re a busy career woman, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a great looking style. To add some dimension you might want to think about incorporating some wispy bangs with our Sleek Jolie Wig or the straight and blunt bangs with Superb. Just delve into our wig fashion collection.

Style conscious student
The studious amongst us can still have fun with their hair! The stunning Toronto Weave offers a multitude of options and is low maintenance, yet super-stylish. It’s easy to add wefts of colour to update your look; you can even remove them, when you head home to see the parents!

Get Kim’s look with our Sleek Closure

When it comes to hair, we all want to achieve a perfect long-lasting style. We often wonder how celebrities like Kim Kardashian achieve an absolutely flawless middle parting look , and how we can maintain that ‘fresh from the salon look’ without having to go back everyday (we don’t have Kim’s money sadly).
Want Kim K’s perfect parting? Tired of putting heat on your own hair and causing damage? Well make it easy and simple with our Sleek Closure.

What is a Closure? A Closure refers to the oblong or circle shaped lace that has hair pieces attached, it can be used to place on the top or side of your hair in order to make your weave look more natural.

Step 1
Comb your hair straight back and tie small cornrows or very tight braids from your hair going back. The braids should be  as small and flat as possible.

Step 2
Set the closure on top of your head so that it covers the crown of your head.

Step 3
Using a needle and thread, sew through the closure and the cornrows, starting at the outside of the hair closure and working your way into the middle. Be sure not to pin any hair on the closure down, as this will prevent you from styling your hair properly, and will make the hair piece look less natural. Work your way in circles from the outside of the hair piece to the centre.

Step 4
Tie a small knot in the thread as close to the surface of the closure as you can and cut off any extra thread.

There we have it, a perfect middle parting using our Sleek Closure piece! Available from all good Afro hair & beauty stores.

Last week we started our new feature #ThrowbackThursday, giving you a blast into the past with our fave celebrity looks of past up to present. This week we focus on the fabulous Janet Jackson, from curls, to bobs to Mohawks, Miss Jackson’s had it all!

With Hair By Sleek it’s easy to transform your look in an instant and keep everyone on their toes. If you consider yourself a style chameleon like Janet, then check our our extensive range of weaves and wigs on

You all know just how important it is to take care of your natural hair, but what about your Virgin Remy Hair extensions? To ensure long lasting hair extensions it needs to be properly maintained. Here are some tips to keep your Remy hair extensions looking their best! Every girl wants shiny tresses that will last, right?

Every Day Care
In order to keep your Remy hair in tip-top condition, braid your hair or pop it in a high bun every night before bed.
For ultra protection wear a cap that’s made out of silk or another soft material, this will prevent shedding and potential tangling at night time.
When styling your hair each morning, use your fingers rather than a comb to run them through your Remy hair. Brushing your hair in one direction will also reduce the amount of tangles.
A deep conditioning treatment every week is recommended, it will moisturise and revitalize your hair, especially if your hair is felling a little dry.

Try and stay away from alcohol based products which can cause drying  and damage, we love Crème of Nature Argan Oil Mist for it’s non-greasy formula.

When shampooing and conditioning your hair. Do not rub your hair pieces against one another – be gentle!
Remember to wash and condition your hair every three to five days. Use a gentle shampoo and a moisture-based conditioner.
Allowing your hair to dry naturally is best, but if you must use a hairdryer, use it on the lowest setting.

Insider secrets
If your Remy hair is braided a lot of the time, keep in mind that it needs the same care as Remy hair that is not braided. Braids will occasionally stick together, so it’s imperative to gently use your fingers to separate your braids from time to time.
If you are a straightening addict, using a low heat setting is advised, give your a hair a break from time-to-time to keep it at it’s best.
Take care of your hair extensions and they will take care of you!!

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