Sleek’s #ThrowbackThursday

Posted on: October 18, 2012

Oprah remains an inspiration and icon to many, from her first TV appearance up until now, we have decided to take a look back at the moments that stood out and the hairstyles that did too! Oprah’s hairstyles have been as controversial as many of her guests so we’ve picked a few to remember.

Oprah knows class!  No hairstyle better reflects her powerful presence, than a sleek ponytail. This hairstyle makes a bold statement and will always be fashionable. The height and length of the ponytail makes it characteristically elegant.

This hairstyle is an integral part of the Oprah signature-look we’ve all come to know and love – no other look defines Miss Winfrey better!

In 2009, Oprah’s hair couldn’t quite decide what to do, so it did what it knows best; a little bit of everything! The curls add dimension to this otherwise flat hairstyle. This look is as versatile as Winfrey herself. When you can’t decide between curly and straight, why not have both?

Oprah swept her ringlets into a ponytail for this 2007 interview. The few curls that frame  her face perfect this relaxed look. The ‘do also proved to be an excellent way to show off her amazing earrings! There’s no doubt Oprah’s collection of jewels often steal the show.

Miss O decided on the straight and narrow with this mid-length, simple style. Showcasing amazing shine and just the right amount of body, we think this style is Oprah at her finest!

Oprah can never go wrong with curls. The look is fun and laid back with a touch of wild! Remind you of any day-time television celebrity? This look is easy to manage, making a great choice for you busy ladies!

Bigger is better! While on Jay Leno, Oprah went for teased out volume. The intentional frizz adds depth to the hair, but beware! This style is about knowing when to put the brush, don’t go overboard or you can look more shock than chic.

In 2002, Oprah polished her Jackie-O look from the previous decade. With the addition of a heavy fringe. This look showed she was ready to take on the world, with the ‘Oprah empire’ we know today. This hairstyle undoubtedly means business.

The new decade brought a new hairstyle. This smoother look is one we now see on the stunning First Lady of the USA.  Oprah kept her bob and bangs for the majority of the nineties. Whether she was sitting on the interview couch, or working out with John Travolta, this look suited her well.

These hairstyles are certainly a blast from the past. Everyone’s got those old pics that they would hope never see the light of day! Although Oprah’s beauty still shines through – we could only imagine the amount of hairspray bottles that were used to perfect these ‘do’s and WOW to that eyeshadow!

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