Be Employable with Hair by Sleek

Posted on: January 29, 2013


The last week of the first month of the new year… and I’m sure at the start of the year you all had a list of New year’s resolutions and things you swore to keep to in order to change your lifestyle and put yourself on the right track. I wonder how many of those went out the door in the first week hehe. Well on your list of things to do this year I’m sure getting a new job was one of the essentials, and with a new job comes several interviews which require not only your best attributes and skills but also a new look that screams employable.

When a woman changes her hair she can automatically alter the way she’s perceived by the world. Like an actress trying out for a new role, play your role right and your hairstyle can land you the job.

Going for an interview there may be a certain look or perception you would like carried across. HairbySleek have put together a few looks to give you that ultra confidence you need in order to land yourself your dream job.

1. Attention

Going for an interview requires you to grab attention all eyes should be on you as the perfect candidate for the perspective Job, from working in Topshop to a High flying city job everyone needs to know that you’re perfect.


Full locks keeps eyes planted on you. Thick, bouncy hair is a sign of youth, good health and also a sign of confidence and control.  Have an interview? Want to ensure all eyes are on you? Want to ooze confidence? Then grab your interviewers’ attention with our Remy Touch Choice Paris Weave and bag the job.

2. Fame – The Big Position

The job description also very much determines what look you are  most likely to go for and although we want you to ooze every ounce of confidence we still need to approach your style from a minimalist view.


So whether you’re auditioning for a reality show or looking to take up a new business venture! Shiny hair conveys energy and that’s what a lot of interviewers look for so if you’re going for the big position ensure your hair is also in position to take the office with full blown energy and confidence with our  Remi Couture Yaki or Remi Touch Choice Straight Weave available in a variety of colours and lengths.

3. City Chic – The It Girl

The one who has a love for the city hustle and bustle, her aim is to climb the financial ladder till she reaches the top. Are you a go getter? A trendsetter? Are you an expert at getting other women to follow your lead?  The “it girl” not only grabs attention, while oozing confidence and energy but her style and attitude speaks volumes.


Her Style, hair and attitude speaks volumes. So if you’re that girl and your next career move requires your uber confidence then our Spotlight lace wig Diva is the hair for you.

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