Throwback Thursday: Ashanti

Posted on: February 14, 2013

We’re not entirely sure what Ashanti has been doing music wise for the past few years, but we do know that she keeps popping up on the Red Carpet flaunting some serious style and some amazing hair. Whether she’s wearing it up and sophisticated or down and full of curls she always looks fabulous. So let’s take a look back on some of Ashanti’s best looks and how you can get the look yourself!


Ashanti likes her curls, and when she has them she likes them big and bold and with lots of length. We like a lady who’s not afraid to be dramatic with her hair here at Sleek! We also know that this look takes time and none of us ever have any time spare at the moment. So why not try out our Fashion Idol 101 Honey Weave for quick, simple, dramatic curls. All the Fashion Idol 101 Tongable Synthetic Weave is made of premium synthetic hair that can withstand heat styling of up to 200’c. Our range here has been made with women who like styles that are low maintenance ultra affordable and like the appearance of natural, un-relaxed hair; much like what Ashanti likes to sport in the picture above.


She also likes to go sleek and glamorous and straighten her hair out. We love how perfect and frizz free it is, there truly isn’t a hair out of place on this lady. We also like how she enjoys styling her hair up, using things like braids to make a straight style way more fun. If you fancy going super straight and super smooth try out our Spotlight wigs, we would suggest either the Human Hair wig in Diva or if you fancy a lot more length and drama go for the Spotlight Synthetic Wig Venice. Both styles offer you straight hair that won’t lose its shine or frizz up. The lace front wigs can also be adjusted for the perfect fit and also feature combs on each side for extra security. If you want to mix it up with some hair braid headbands Hair Couture do a fantastic one in a range of colours!


Ashanti also likes to play with her hair in up-dos. She mixes up long ponytails with quiffs and really classic buns placed right at the top of her head.  Ponytails, up dos and buns are really on trend at the moment and you can get a great range of clip in and Velcro ponytails over at Hair Couture. We’d suggest the Swirl Bunny from hair couture to add oomph to your bun. For a long, straight ponytail the Velvet synthetic Velcro ponytail is the key to a fantastic look or for more curl and bounce in a ponytail go for out EZ Ponytail Bootylicious. Wear them high and slung over one shoulder for a really classy, quick hair style or low at the nape for the neck for something a bit more high fashion. Either way you’ll look and feel as much of a star as Ashanti.

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