Introducing our most affordable range of Virgin 100% human hair to date.

Our Virgin Gold range comprises of genuine 100% human hair which has never been chemically treated in our factory, meaning this hair retains its natural appearance and performs just like human hair;

  • Minimum tangles and frizz
  • Reduced shedding with its special wefting technique
  • Goes wavy when wet (Brazilian styles)
  • Uncoloured.  The hair retains its natural shade
  • Can be re-coloured
  • Heat & water friendly



Luxuriously soft to the touch, this hair gives a naturally beachy, just got out of bed bohemian look.

  • Goes wavy when wet

Lengths: 12”-24”

finished length: Always approximately half inch more than stated length   

COLS:    1B, 2





For super slick, super glossy, poker straight hair with full body and movement, Peruvian Gold Straight is the ultimate selection.

  • Silky texture
  • Great for Europeans and afro Caribbean customers

Lengths: 12”-24”

finished length: Always approximately half inch more than stated length   

COLS:    1B, 2




Gentle s-shaped curls run loosely along the length of this style for a simply beautiful finish

  • Classic Body wave style

Lengths: 12”-24”

finished length: Always approximately half inch more than stated length   

COLS:    1B, 2





Vanessa Hudgens was bang on style in London recently when she stepped out in a sleek top knot bun without a hair out of place. You can get this EXACT style with the Hair Couture Swirl Bunny. It comes in a wide variety of colours to suit you! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get on trend with Sleek!

Its summer and we’re dealing with a heat wave right now. We all know that heat and humidity are NOT good for one’s hair but here at Sleek we say fight the elements and go out looking beautiful and stylish on your date night without a hair out of place. Here are some great styles that will fight against the weather and leave you looking fabulous!



Messy beach hair in this season is a joy, and is also very little work! Everyone loves a messy top knot and you can use this look for a casual and sexy date night approach. Pull your hair into a high ponytail that sits right on top of your crown, and then pin the loosely wrapped hair around the base of your ponytail, make sure you leave some whispy strands free. You can get this look SO easily by using one of our clip in ponytails. We recommend Bootylicious for that extra oomph.



Braids are so hot this summer and such an easy look to recreate yourself using our Hair Couture Braided Headband. Simply pull your hair up into a low messy bun and accessorize with the braided headband. You can use more than one and layer them over each other for a more intricate and ethereal look. Pair with a maxi summer dress and you are ready for a night out.



We all know you’ve been rocking the matte and messy beach wave look this summer, we all have because it’s such an effortless and sexy style! To transform that from day time at the beach to night time on a date brush all the hair over to one shoulder. Accessorize this up with a funky hair clip and you’re good to go! To get the perfect waves we suggest you go for the best quality weave that will stand up to the extremes of the season. Our new Virgin Gold Brazilian hair is just the thing. It’s the best quality Brazilian hair at a surprisingly affordable price; you don’t have to break the bank to get the best.


This summer is all about colour and being daring and lots of our favourite stars are going blonde, perhaps this summer blondes are having the most fun? If you want to grab this look but are wary about going so bold we are here to show you how to get the blonde look without the drastic action!


Rihanna and Rita Ora both rock the long blonde hair, which is a drastic change we know! You can get the long, straight blonde hair like Rita with the Sleek Beyonce wig in colour 613. A perfect blonde for the summer! The wig is super straight with a fringe that can be pinned back or to the side. For more of a side swept Rihanna look go for the Sleek Kimora wig. This has the waves and the side swept fringe Ri has been sporting over the summer months.

Kat Graham went daring in both length and colour by chopping off her hair into a bob and going blonde. We’d suggest the Sleek Nia wig for this, to get the retro waves simply style! All our synthetic wigs are tongable up to 200’C, so you can make the look fit your personality. Perhaps you’re looking for an accessory to go with your already blonde locks however? Plait up a Bootylicious EZ Ponytail for a look just like Queen Beyonce. Pair it, like she does, with a good summer hat and you’re on to a winner!



This model from our Fashion show at the Afro Hair and Beauty Live event is wearing our Fashion Idol 101 weave range. Hair that looks that good must be the highest quality human hair right? Think again! Our Fashion Idol 101 range is the highest quality synthetic hair. It’s so dost and so natural that you won’t be able to tell the difference. All our Fashion Idol 101 Weave is tongable up to 200’C and has fantastic curl retention. This is do to the high-tech fiber that was developed by our Sleek Hair Technologists which performs remarkable like human hair. The hair is shed free as the weft is double folded and is strong and long lasting.

Beautiful hair at an affordable cost!

We had a fantastic weekend at the Afro Hair and Beauty show at the Business and Design Center in Islington. We launched two new lines of hair Virgin Gold (our new Brazillian and Peruvian hair, the ultimate luxury!) and Viva (our new human hair range) both of which flew off the stands to a great reaction! Thank you so much if you stopped by and said hello. We loved seeing everyone!

If you bought any weave or wig off us at the weekend please tweet in a picture of it to @hairbysleek or send us a Facebook message ( and we’ll put them up here on the Blog! For now here are some of our pictures from the weekend, which include winners from our raffle, our staff hard at work and people wearing the lace wigs they got fitted at our stand.

BLQkyCACcAE__76.jpg large

These are the beautiful models from our fashion show wearing our hair ranges. From left to right we have Virgin Gold, Fashion Idol 101, Fashion Idol Lace Wigs, Remy Couture, Viva and Remi Touch Choice. They look amazing right? They also did a great job on the show and left everyone staring! Great job!


Kathy with the models from the show


Sporting their branded bags


All ready to sell for the day!




10 11



Photo 2013-05-28 12.16.41

This lady is wearing one of our human hair wigs.

Photo 2013-05-28 12.17.00 Photo 2013-05-28 12.17.00(3)

These two ladies one Virgin Gold Weave and Remy Touch Choice Weave in our raffle draw!

Photo 2013-05-28 12.17.00(4) Photo 2013-05-28 12.17.00(5) Photo 2013-05-28 12.18.22(2) Photo 2013-05-28 12.18.22(3) Photo 2013-05-28 12.18.22(4)

This lady had her Kizzy Wig fitted for her on the stand!

Photo 2013-05-28 12.18.22(5)

As did this lady in our Sleek Superb Human Hair lace wig!

Photo 2013-05-28 12.18.22(6) Photo 2013-05-28 12.18.22(7) Photo 2013-05-28 12.18.23 Photo 2013-05-28 12.18.23(2)

Zoe Saldana is kicking ass once again in the new Star Trek film ‘Into Darkness’ and we are loving her hair, it’s out of this world and always changing. Miss Saldana isn’t afraid to take risks with her hair and we respect that. Changing up your hair and having fun with you style is important! So we’re giving you a Sleek 101 on Zoe’s fresh and funky hair.


Let’s start out with her shoulder length waves. Zoe is classically known for rocking some perfect waves in her shoulder length do. Her hair is shiny, healthy and flawless and you can get this look too with Sleek’s Remy Touch Choice range. For those fabulous waves we’d suggest going for our Madrid Weave. The hair is infused with essential oils and will stay looking soft and natural for longer than regular human hair. The highest quality look for the perfect Zoe hair!


Zoe likes to mix it up and has been known to chop off her hair to a curly bob. Curls are big this summer; no-one is after straight, flat hair at all so this style is really bang on trend. Her curls here are soft, shiny and full of life and we know that when you want extensions to imitate this you’ll want the best quality hair. So go for Sleek’s Remy Touch Choice Dubai Weave. The hair is the highest quality meaning your hair holds its style for longer.


Summer is around the corner, and ponytails are SO all the rage this season. Wear them up high or down low, what matters is that they are the go-to it looks for your hair. Zoe knows how to class up a high ponytail with a slight quiff and lots of length with a slight wave to the hair. If you want this style quickly and easily we suggest going for our EZ Synthetic Ponytail in Flirty. It’s quick and easy to put in and looks fabulous!

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