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Winter is always so harsh on hair, and this winter we’ve had has been so bitterly cold. The extremes in temperature, the frost, bitter winds, snow, rain and just generally awful AWFUL weather and of course the enemy of hair HATS (we know we need them, and we do love a good woolly hat but hat hair is always the inevitable outcome with a hat!) all wear out our hair, whether you’re going natural or wearing a weave and we have to take special care of it. Also winter makes hair dry, and we all go at it so much with heat styling to try and fight the frizz that at Sleek HQ we feel that before Spring bounces on us we should go about giving our tresses a good Spring Clean.

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This is the perfect time of the year to give your hair a time out. Natural hair needs to have some time to breathe and what better time to give it than right now when the weather is still a bit nippy and you can wear a hat, or style it up in an oh so of the moment ponytail or up do. If you don’t fancy just having your natural hair, you can always use a clip in ponytail or a half wig instead of a full wig of weave. But use this time to really deep condition your natural hair, since it’s the base for your weave and wigs you want it to be strong and healthy!

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Don’t neglect your natural hair once you have your weave on! It still needs to be looked after and we recommend applying oil to the edges of the braids to nourish your hair. You can do this once every two weeks when you wash your weave. We also suggest you do a protein treatment as well as an extra maintenance measure. Before going to sleep braid your hair into sections, this stops your hair tangling whilst you sleep and then cover your hair with a silk scarf to help protect the shine. This will all make your hair last longer and look fresh from day one to day 60.

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Good quality hair is always going to be the best hair for you to be wearing. We know there are cheap, synthetic and human hair brands on the market but you get what you pay for. Cheaper hair is never as good condition and sheds more than a quality product. Sleek Hair is all made from premium hair, whether we’re using human hair, Brazilian, Remy or synthetic. Our hair is all sew together and wefted expertly to prevent shedding and is proven to be long lasting and to keep its shine. We’re proud of our end product and we know you will always feel fabulous and beautiful in it!

Oprah is Queen in our eyes and she’s been reining an awful lot of years but always changing up her style to suit the times and always looking fabulous! She’s evolved a lot through a lot of strong fashion era’s (the 80’s and the 90’s were not an easy time for anyone! We should know!) but she’s always come out on top looking polished and flawless. So let’s take a look back over some of Oprah’s best looks and how you can recreate them quickly and easily with Sleek Hair!


Ponytails are SO on trend right now, catwalks, high street and all the magazines are showing models with ponytails, low and high! Oprah has been rocking the ponytail for years and this is a great example of how to do it right. Here she’s pulled it right back with a bit of a quiff and has it high, long and sleek. Not a hair out of place on her head! You can grab this look so easily with our Sleek EZ Ponytails. Clip one in and away you go with a sleek, sophisticated look.


Oprah knows how to rock some curls. They are always perfectly formed and bouncy, whether she’s rocking them long or short, loose or tight, she’s always bang on trend. We love this look here, ringlet tight curls down to the shoulder. We love this look for big nights out where you need to look glamorous and grab loads of attention. Go for our Fashion Idol 101 Kizzy Wig, for the perfect curls. If you want them bigger and bolder this hair is tongable and the highest quality in synthetic hair, it will hold your style longer and better!


We’re not all brave enough to go short, but Oprah is fearless and has gone from long to super short pixie hair countless times. We love this look, which really shows off the face. The bangs that are choppy and low make it a little less extreme and frame the face really nicely. What’s the secret to going short and having no fear? Lace wigs. If you want to go super short but not go under the scissors then go for the Wig Fashion Human Hair Audrey Wig. It has that great short length, a great side swept fringe and looks completely natural.


One last Oprah look for you today, the layered look with the flicked out ends. This is such a go to classic that never seems to go out of style. It’s great because it’s so versatile, you can wear it for work or play, night or day and it transcends season. It’s an all rounder this look, and in this picture Oprah has really styled it out, she looks sophisticated and stylish. You can get this look without all the fuss of straightening and blow drying with our Wig Fashion Kelly Wig. It’s 100% high quality tongable synthetic hair with ends that are styled to flick out perfectly!


Snapshot-Tia-and-Tamera-Mowry-For-Essence-April-2013 TIATAMARA

Is it us or have Tia and Tamara not managed to age from when we watched them in Sister Sister growing up? We know we’ve all got 15-20 years older but they both look fabulous! The girls now have a hit reality show, babies, husbands and all sorts and recently took to the cover of Essence  Magazine where they both look glowing don’t  you think?

Tia is now sporting cropped hair, and Tamara long straight, layered hair. You can recreate both these styles with Sleek!  We all know that going for the short hair crop is a scary thing, and if you’re not feeling brave enough to go as short as Tia you can get the look with the Wig Fashion Ella  Wig, which is made from 100% Human Hair. To be more like Tamara go for the Wig Fashion Synthetic Jada Wig. It has the side part and the super sleek straight look you want from this style!


First of our mega Oscar round-up posts today sees us checking out the fashions at Elton John’s Aids Foundation Oscar Viewing Party. The event bought out all sorts of fashion choices, and a lot of white outfits graced the red carpet at the event at the Pacific Design Centre on Sunday, in West California. Although it wasn’t as glamorous and full on as the actual awards ceremony’s red carpet we enjoyed the most understated fashion none the less! Here’s what we at Sleek HQ thought were the best looks of the night with handy tips on how to get the look with Sleek Hair.


First up we have Miss Nicki Minaj, famed for her crazy outfits and even crazier hair. We are used to seeing Miss Minaj bearing all with a wild array of rainbow hair accompanied by a whole face full of makeup but for the Elton John party we found her looking toned down, chic and pretty. Nicki was rocking a sparkly, white mini dress and adding a pop of colour to the whole look with some purple lipstick. Her hair was long, soft blonde waves, that really looked classy on her. We love it when she tones down the crazy, she always looks so well put together! To get your own middle parted, perfect soft waves we suggest you go for Sleek’s Wig Fashion Synthetic Angelina wig. It has the right length and curl and comes in a range of colours to suit your skin tone. The hair is also all tongable about to 200’C, so it’s the easy option to achieve an instant Nicki Style.


Emeli Sande was looking lovely in her white and black animal print bodycon dress. The monochrome palette is so on trend right now, and was big across catwalks at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, the animal print makes Emeli’s take on the trend really stand out. Retro hair is big in fashion too, and she was sporting her now trademark short hair and quiff in platinum blonde. It’s a bold look that Emeli pulls off perfectly due to her face shape. If you want to go short but don’t want to commit entirely to hacking off all your hair why not go for Sleek’s Wig Fashion 100% Human Hair Wig Audrey. It’s super short, natural looking and can be styled as crazy as you’d like. Rock the short hair without losing your own hair!


The original Supermodel and Miss Diva Extraordinaire Naomi Campbell took to the red carpet in a stunning floor length black gown; she looked classic, flawless and every bit the supermodel in it. Her look was accentuated with diamonds, because really what else would she be wearing? Diamond bangles and a diamond necklace, but what we really adore is her hair. Long curls and a super on trend fringe have this look all pulled together. To get Naomi’s always on point hair try out Sleek’s Hair Couture Synthetic Straight Sandy wig. The wig is straight, but has super long length like Naomi’s and that all important fringe. You can curl this up nicely as the synthetic hair is tongable up to 200’C, holding curls longer than normal synthetic hair. Perfection made easy!

Today we look back over the hair styling’s of the Queen of the Weave Miss Tyra Banks. Tyra is a lady who is never afraid to change up her style, and she has sported some crazy hair pieces over the years. She’s also gone from super weave lady to totally natural to back to weaves again, so we know she’s a lady who can work whatever hair is on her head. Get ready to smize ladies as we show you how to get the look of the one true America’s Next Top Model.


Tyra had a period of long, blonde locks, but wasn’t afraid of changing up her colours to include fire red and platinum blonde. But whatever colour Tyra was sporting you can be sure her weave was of the highest quality and always looked fierce. You can get Tyra’s fantastic curls in absolutely no time with Sleek’s Fashion Idol 101 Wig Coral, it is premium synthetic tongable hair that will hold its curls and style. The full lace front and back means you can tie it up and part it anywhere for a natural, realistic style. If you want something sleek and straight with a dead center parting try out Sleek’s Spotlight Human Hair Wig in Pizzazz. It frames your face perfectly and is made from the highest quality human hair.


Miss Tyra is also Queen of the Up-Do. She can go classic and chic with a perfect low bun or go daring and fabulous with a bun or hair piece at the front of the head. Sleek has a range of ponytails, buns, hair pieces and braids that you can experiment with on your up-do’s. Go a bit wild and place our Swirl bunny braid on the higher part of your head and wrap around a Braided Head Band. It will be a classic look with a modern, edgy twist. Tyra really likes clean, polished up hairstyles, so make sure you don’t try and mix in any grunge or romantic trends!


When Tyra went back to her natural locks she revealed a shoulder length cut with the perfect curls and waves. Now we know this may be Tyra’s natural hair but girl went through a lot of product to tame those curls! She looks beautiful! But we also know that not all of us have the time to keep out curls frizz free and perfect. If you want Tyra’s look but without the effort go for out Wig Fashion Jessie wig. It has the perfect length and the perfect curl just like Tyra’s hair. Get on your smize and strike a pose and you’ll no doubt be America’s Next Top Model too!

We love Fashion Week, and are always going through images of what was gracing the catwalks and with London Fashion Week starting today we thought it would be a good opportunity to look back over the New York Fashion week just gone at hair trends on the catwalk. There are four main looks going on Grunge, Romantic, Retro and Up-dos/Ponytails and we’ll show you just how to recreate these looks yourself using Sleek Hair with no fuss!



So this season Retro hair was all the range, from beehives to victory curls to 1940’s waves. Beehives were shown on many a catwalk, ranging from the big and bold to the more understated and modern. This look requires a hell of a lot of backcombing and boosting. Our Hair Couture Monofilament Wigs can stand up to all the styling required for such a daring look. Pair one up with a Swirl Bunny to add some boost and you’ll be a 60’s Diva in no time!

We also saw a lot of 1940s-esque bobs, with volume and really soft curls. These are usually about jaw length, with a really deep slightly quaffed side parting and one or two very loose curls. To recreate this look you can use our Fashion 101 Ellie Wig. It’s super straight and has the perfect length but is also made from tongable synthetic so you can add the curls and they will have a long lasting hold.

Lastly go for a 1920’s feel like at the Carolina Herrera show with accessories and details! The wide width headbands on the models with low pulled back hair really gave the whole look a retro feel. It’s also all in the details! Small braids at the side of your head, or small victory rolls will give you that old time look but with a slightly more modern twist! Go all Downton Abbey on everyone, we assume this is why this trend is so hot right now!



Ah Grunge, it’s gone from dirty teenagers and 20 something’s in the 1990’s trying to rebel to a catwalk staple trend that has stuck around for nearly two seasons now. We admit that it’s not to everyone’s taste but here at Sleek we feel you should always be trying something new and there’s nothing wrong with roughing it up and going a bit punk to chop and change from all the glamour. The secret here is grunge is long hair, worn down and messy and with a wet look. You want bed-head! We suggest going for wigs like our Chloe or Retro, for the wet look sort of curl you can style up to be grunge. Brush it all back, pin it a little and away you go. What could be easier?

To add a bit of punk to your grunge we suggest jumping on and getting some funk in your fringe. Adding texture and height to a short style can really make it funky and fresh with very little effort.  We’d go for the Retro Wig Fashion wig again here, because the curls already add structure, it’s up to you how far you want to go with your extreme hair.



Now we’ve been talking about the virtues of a good ponytail here at Sleek for what seems like an eternity and once again they have shown up all over NYFW. Generally they are low ponytails, worn just at the nape of the neck and are long and straight and sophisticated. A long, sleek ponytail really goes well with a classy ensemble for a work party or a more formal night out. Go for something in our EZ Ponytail range like the Slick Pony or perhaps the Euro Long, to get the dead straight hair and the long length.

We’ve grouped up-dos in with the ponytails since they really all start life as a ponytail! We saw a lot of buns on the catwalk, again worn low at the nape of the neck and a lot of romantic and messy up-dos held up with plaits and bobby pins. Using the EZ Ponytail as a base you can add items like the Swirl Bunny, to help boost a bun or a Braided Head Band to add detail and a soft look and really make your up-dos look special.



We’re not just saying romance is a trend because Valentine’s Day just passed us by (we hope you had a great one by the way!) but soft, ethereal sorts of hairstyles are really on trend at the moment. We love the fact that there are short, really fluffy, curly looks going on. Remember these are not polished so let tendrils free if you pull up the hair so they frame your face and also go creative with the accessories. A lot of the time all you need are a few grips to create some shape, but braids, headbands, silk scarves and flowers are all great.

To get this look we suggest our Spotlight Beauty Lace Wig or for some serious luxury and smoothness our Moroccan Weave in our Remy Touch Choice range. Our Remy Touch Choice is a mixture of Remy and Human hair that has all been fortified with nutritional oils so you get the softest, silkiest touch and hair that really feels and looks like your natural hair. Remy hair is the highest quality, most natural and most durable hair that money can buy and our Remy Touch Choice range offers a more affordable way to have fabulous Remy hair.

We’re not entirely sure what Ashanti has been doing music wise for the past few years, but we do know that she keeps popping up on the Red Carpet flaunting some serious style and some amazing hair. Whether she’s wearing it up and sophisticated or down and full of curls she always looks fabulous. So let’s take a look back on some of Ashanti’s best looks and how you can get the look yourself!


Ashanti likes her curls, and when she has them she likes them big and bold and with lots of length. We like a lady who’s not afraid to be dramatic with her hair here at Sleek! We also know that this look takes time and none of us ever have any time spare at the moment. So why not try out our Fashion Idol 101 Honey Weave for quick, simple, dramatic curls. All the Fashion Idol 101 Tongable Synthetic Weave is made of premium synthetic hair that can withstand heat styling of up to 200’c. Our range here has been made with women who like styles that are low maintenance ultra affordable and like the appearance of natural, un-relaxed hair; much like what Ashanti likes to sport in the picture above.


She also likes to go sleek and glamorous and straighten her hair out. We love how perfect and frizz free it is, there truly isn’t a hair out of place on this lady. We also like how she enjoys styling her hair up, using things like braids to make a straight style way more fun. If you fancy going super straight and super smooth try out our Spotlight wigs, we would suggest either the Human Hair wig in Diva or if you fancy a lot more length and drama go for the Spotlight Synthetic Wig Venice. Both styles offer you straight hair that won’t lose its shine or frizz up. The lace front wigs can also be adjusted for the perfect fit and also feature combs on each side for extra security. If you want to mix it up with some hair braid headbands Hair Couture do a fantastic one in a range of colours!


Ashanti also likes to play with her hair in up-dos. She mixes up long ponytails with quiffs and really classic buns placed right at the top of her head.  Ponytails, up dos and buns are really on trend at the moment and you can get a great range of clip in and Velcro ponytails over at Hair Couture. We’d suggest the Swirl Bunny from hair couture to add oomph to your bun. For a long, straight ponytail the Velvet synthetic Velcro ponytail is the key to a fantastic look or for more curl and bounce in a ponytail go for out EZ Ponytail Bootylicious. Wear them high and slung over one shoulder for a really classy, quick hair style or low at the nape for the neck for something a bit more high fashion. Either way you’ll look and feel as much of a star as Ashanti.

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